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Veress Needle: A Safe Technique in Modern Laparoscopic Era

Shailesh Kumar, Shubhendu Bhaduri, Abu Masood Ansari, Suchita Tripathi, Priyadarshi Dikshit

Citation Information : Kumar S, Bhaduri S, Ansari AM, Tripathi S, Dikshit P. Veress Needle: A Safe Technique in Modern Laparoscopic Era. World J Lap Surg 2013; 6 (1):1-5.

DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10033-1171

Published Online: 01-08-2015

Copyright Statement:  Copyright © 2013; The Author(s).



Prospective analytical study to evaluate the Veress needle technique for creating pneumoperitoneum in terms of safety profile.

Materials and methods

A total of 4,014 patients undergoing laparoscopic surgery for different reasons in which Veress needle was the technique to create pneumoperitoneum were included in the study during the period of January 2008 to September 2012.

Results were evaluated by analysing the data through SPSS version 16.


Total 27 patients developed complications in terms of abdominal wall emphysema 12 (44%), omental injury 11 (40.7%), small bowel injury 2 (7.4%) and mesenteric vascular injury 2 (7.4%).

Among these complications majority of patients were having BMI > 30 (78%).

All the complications were managed by simple measures laparoscopically.


Veress needle technique for creating pneumoperitoneum is comparable with open technique, particularly in patients with BMI < 30.

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Kumar S, Bhaduri S, Ansari AM, Tripathi S, Dikshit P. Veress Needle: A Safe Technique in Modern Laparoscopic Era. World J Lap Surg 2013;6(1):1-5.

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